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Dictation is a method to learn languages by listening and writing down what you hear. It is a highly effective method!

This website provides many dictation exercises & tools to help you practice easily and improve your German quickly.

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Why does dictation work?

Writing has proven to be an essential practice when learning a foreign language. By writing the words, your brain can thoroughly grasp the content and absorb the vocabulary and grammar to access the information in the future. Plus, writing allows students to visualize and understand how to use words naturally in a sentence. Ultimately, writing in a foreign language helps all other faculties, including speaking and listening. Unlike simply listening to a podcast or video, the act of dictating turns a passive listening activity into an active engagement with the language.

For learners, writing is also beneficial because it allows your brain to take its time coming up with words and putting together sentences. Ultimately, you practice listening, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing, comprehension, and speaking all at once.

What does it help with?

Dictation is a multifaceted approach that engages several aspects of the students’ brains. As you listen to the recording, you are actively absorbing every word in the process of writing it down. Plus, you are getting used to hearing the language spoken at a realistic speed while simultaneously processing the content and meaning in your mind.

Dictation exercises also helps improve writing and spelling as you are forced to engage directly with the construction of the new language.

Who should use this method?

Our German listening activity options are best for intermediate language learners at a B1 level or above. These students can benefit significantly from this type of exercise, as they have enough comprehension to follow along, but still have a lot to learn from the spoken patterns of the language.

What we offer

We provide lots of German dictation exercises for you to listen to and write the words down as you go. The audio articles are about daily life & culture in Germany, so, another big part when you learn German :).

Working with our tools, you will notice your language skills improve, your comprehension soar, and your speaking abilities benefit from the exercises. Our services are free, and our library of recordings is extensive. So, if you’re learning German, explore our site and see how you can boost your language learning process.

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