Resources for learning German

When it comes to learning a foreign language, especially when learning online, there are lots of different methods. Each person will have their own favorite methods & those methods might only be helpful in some stages. From my personal experience, you should just try every method and stick with ones you like, the most important thing is to keep learning!

I created this website for people to practice German with dictation exercises, but I am aware that it's best suited for people with an intermediate level (B1, B2). So if you find the exercises too easy or too hard, no problem, check this list below for all the resources that I gather & research from the Internet!


Duolingo will not help you to reach fluent level, but for beginners, Duolingo is an amazing app. The user interface is clean and beautiful with engaging messages and animations. The streak & league system are designed so good that make people come back to practice every day. They do have some in-app purchases, but you can practice the full course without paying anything. is a where you can learn the fundamentals of German. There are only 15 lessons here, but they are very well-designed and fun to read.

The website is exactly what it says: "The Blog for all who want to learn German". There, you will find high quality content that are updated regularly.

Easy German

Easy German will help you learn the German language as it is spoken in real life. They make YouTube video interviewing people on the street about different topics. The videos are subtitled in both German and English, allowing you to follow easily.

On, you can quickly search for all forms of words in German (Conjugations & Declensions) along with the translations contributed by the community.